People attending computer class

How long do you spend wanting to do something on your computer, tablet or phone.  Not every one can know it all and sometimes it is better to have basic or advanced training to get the most out of your IT.  We are small enough to be able to Taylor training to suit you, at what level you need and at the speed you can absorb the information.  Telephone or email us for a quote, specifying what you need and at what level your knowledge is.


We have trained many people over the years.  GMT Solutions (Just Training) started as a training company 20+ years ago before becoming an IT support company.  We have trained government services in Photoshop, Charities in Office, individuals on how to use tablets, technical teams on video conferencing and website maintenance to companies.

If you can get a team of users together why not split the costs?

Computer Training

We can train users on Windows and Apple Macs, laptop and desktops.  From how to open and save a file, how to use file explorer through to backup and system use.  With training you can optimise your computer to work for you instead of the other way round.


Out staff have Ipad, Samsung and Amazon tablet experience, these use IOS and Android operating systems.  Learn how to backup, surf the internet, setup email, explore applications and use App stores like Google play and Apple store.


Due to Phone and tablets working in a very similar way it is an easy step for us to show you how to make the most of your smart phone.


Office is the beard and butter for most users.  It is used to write letters, make spread sheets of expenses, create presentations and many other tasks.  Most office applications work the same way as the industry standard Microsoft office, with small differences.  We can train you in what you want from office.


A major part of out work is website production.  We make and maintain various type of website and have extensive knowledge to pass on.  If you don’t want to build your website but want to update it let us show you how.  You might be wanting to get your website found in Google or Bing, we also train on SEO.  It is sometime better to do your own SEO as this takes a long time and not many small businesses can afford to pay some one to do this