Business IT Support

We understand how important computers are to running your business, and how frustrating it can be when they just don’t work.  Our priority is to keep our business clients up and running with as little disruption as possible, and to help them make the best use of the IT systems they have.

 A time and location that suits you

Our IT services aim to complement your business, not disrupt it, so we offer on-site and remote support that works around you.


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On-site Support

For hardware issues or more complex problems, our technicians will visit your site to diagnose the problem – some repairs will require us to remove your PC to our workshop, or to make a return visit once replacement parts or hardware are obtained.  We also have loan equipment available to ensure you can keep working while your computer is down.

Remote Support

If you have a problem you need attending to immediately, or have a small issue you think can be solved quickly, then remote support might be the best option.  It’s also a great solution for clients that are outside our geographical area – but you do need a working internet connection to allow remote access.  Please visit our Remote Support page for more details. 

Flexible Service – Pay-as-you-go or Contract

If you occasionally need technical support, our pay-as-you-go service is ideal.   If you’re a larger business or have more regular IT support needs then a support contract is excellent value for money and can be tailored to your exact requirements.  This means you don’t pay for things you won’t use and can budget for IT expenditure effectively.  Please see our Support Plans page for information.

Both our PAYG and support contracts offer the following and much more