Windows 10 Language Problems

I’ve been having a minor but very annoying problem – periodically, my laptop will change its keyboard layout from UK English to US English – which I’ll only discover when trying to type a £ or an @.  I’d go into the Control Panel, reset it back to UK English, and repeat this every time it happened.  I’d even remove the US keyboard layout, only for it to keep mysteriously reappearing…

We’ve found a permanent fix for this though:

Go into the Control Panel and Language settings.

Windows 10 UK keyboard layout changing

In the Change your language preference window, you will see both UK and US English languages.

Choose English (United Kingdom), then click the Options link on the right hand side of this.

Windows 10 UK keyboard layout changing

Click the Add an input method link at the bottom.

Windows 10 UK keyboard layout changing

Select the United Kingdom Extended keyboard layout (the United Kingdom standard keyboard layout is already present).

Press the Add button, which takes you back to the  Change your language preference window.

Windows 10 UK keyboard layout changing

Select the English (United States) language and then click Remove (this isn’t on my list as I’d already removed it).  This will permanently remove the US keyboard layout and language.

Restart your computer and you should have the correct keyboard layout with £s and @s in the right places, and no US language settings mysteriously reappearing!

Let us know if this works for you, or if you have any other IT troubles – e-mail us or use our Contact Us form.