Windows 10 is free – what’s the deal?

GMT Solutions: Windows 10It’s time for techy types to get excited – Microsoft are releasing a new version of Windows. Yes, that’s what passes for exciting in this office! On 29th July, Windows 10 will be released for download, and for many home and business users it will be available for free.

You may have a small Windows logo like the one on the right, near the clock on your PC – if you click on this, you will be able to reserve your Windows 10 upgrade. Users with Windows 7 or 8 will be able to get it free, provided you have a genuine product key for Windows. This may be a barcode on the back of your PC or laptop, or would have been a number on a card if you bought Windows separately. You have 1 year to take advantage of the free upgrade, but once you have installed it, you will continue to get security updates and patches for the life of your PC.

If you have used the tool to reserve your free upgrade, your PC will download the Windows 10 files in the background from the day you reserved. This means that once July 29th comes, you don’t need to download anything else, and won’t be stuck in a queue with millions of other people trying to access the Microsoft server!

GMT Solutions: Windows 10What’s new in Windows 10?

It seems to be a mix of Windows 7 & 8, designed to start quickly, look familiar, and keep you safe with built in security. The Start menu looks more like the “old style” from Windows 7, but you will still have pinned tiles that the Windows 8 Start Screen has. You will also get Cortana, a personal digital assistant, that Windows Phone users already have – similar to Siri on an iPhone.

What happened to Windows 9?

I have no idea!

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