Tablet Set Up


  1. Install sim card
  2. Turn on
  3. License agree
  4. Log into [email protected] P/W IntNow687600
  5. Accept
  6. Payment – Later
  7. Time GMT
  8. Sync SMT555
  9. Samsung create with gmail (new email that will be setup later)
  10. Change ID to new device ID interpreternow00??
  11. Password IntNow00??
  12. Accept terms and policies
  13. Remove from front screen
    contact, Internet, Phone, Email, S Planner
  14. Add to front screen

Chrome, Teamviewer, My Local NHS, Inow

  1. Remove widgets
  2. Open Teamviewer take note of ID and password
  3. Go To Settings
    Display set to 5 minutes
    Lock Screen set to Pin 687600
    Security under setting set up Find my Mobile
    Turn on data roaming
    set data usage to 2.0gb warning to 1.4gb
    Name the device
  4. Open Chrome – then bookmarks

Open How to use Tablets – bookmark to home screen (change title)
open How to use Interpreternow – bookmark to home screen (change title)

Open feedback form – book mark to home screen (change title)

Open involvement feedback – book mark to home screen (change title)

  1. Log in to Interpreternow with ID – password IntNow687600
  2. Turn off