Software Repair

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When your computer starts but it takes a long time or it keeps spinning the wait icon it can be very frustrating.  The reason for this can be a number of things from bad updates or conflicting software.

Some time when turning a computer  off it loads updates which have downloaded while on the internet.    Some times the update might be faulty/corrupted during the download, this generally the main problem with startup issues.  When this happens the quickest way to repair is to re-install from scratch as there will be an underlying issue with the operating system installed.  A benefit of re-installing from scratch is the computer will run at its optimum speed with no corruption slowing it down.  A disadvantage for this resolution is all the application will need re-installing and the drive will have to have the data backed up. software.

We are able to remove hard drives and either replace them with new one leaving all your data on the old drive or we can extract the data off the old hard drive on to the new one.  This could be an ideal opportunity to put a new fast SSD hard drive into the computer making seem twice as fast.

Other software issues can be caused by applications not liking each other , conflicting.  We have experienced this recently where an HP printer does not like Microsoft Outlook.  With this issue we have involved both Microsoft and HP and each manufacturer blames each other.  It would have been faster to wipe clean the hard drive and start again, instead of wasting time waiting for HP and Microsoft to respond.

We have experienced some client having issues with applications not running due to antivirus and firewall software, cloud storage and badly written software.

While we work on people computers it is essential they have a backup of the files, pictures and videos.  It  sometimes, more often than not, is a case of wiping clean and starting again.  If you do not have a backup you should inform us and we will attempt to backup for you.