Slow Computer?

head in hand while sitting at laptop

Computers get slow over a period of time.  This is due to a number of factors,GMT solutions can gain some speed back to your computer by doing a health check.  Below is a brief description of what we do to clean computers.  We use specialised software and years of know how to o this quickly and with out effecting the computer.


The first being the hard drive copies data from one place to another with in its self.  In time the disk needs defragmenting.  This is to put the data in order on the drive and clean the spaces that all the empty one are together.  If you can imagine a filing cabinet that you have in order.  It is easy to find files.  A filing cabinet that just has paperwork thrown in will take longer to find what you are looking for.

Temporary files

Every time you go on the internet, open a file or application the computer leaves behind small files.  Some systems delete these files automatically but most do not.  We clean these files off first and this then gains space on the hard drive which in turn speeds up the computer.

Old updates

Computers connected to the internet can automatically download updates.  These updates are to make the computer secure and improve the user experience for apllications.  Once the updates have bee applied the installation files are left behind. These files can amount to a large percentage of the disk space on the computer.  The update files are hidden in directories on the computer and with out experience we know where they are and delete them.

Unused Applications

From the program manager we can tell when the software was last used.  Using this information we can delete the applications.  An example of this is the registration software for the computer, old read me files, manufacturers utilities.  In addition if we find potentially harmful software we contact the client and ask if we can remove.

Registry clean

Windows computers have registry software which is like the engine of the computer.  This registry holds all the application, operating system and hardware settings for the computer.  We use tools to clean the registry which alone can produce a 5% speed increasse by its self.  Before we do a registry clean we backup the current registry first ,which give us or the user a point to go back to if something stops working.  Once the registry is clean we then do a second backup to what we know is a good system.

General clean

If files are stored in the wrong place on a computer they can slow the computer down and in some cases stop it all together.  If we see the user is storing the files wrongly we advise where they should go.

Slow applications

Some application can have a direct effect on the speed of the computer. We have found in the past a software application slowed a computer down so it becomes unworkable.  Antivirus software is a classic piece of software that can slow a computer down.  We advise client what we think will be slowing the computer down.


The hard drive is the major factor on a computer.  If it is old and slow, or full of rubbish it will cause the computer to look like it needs replacing.  The first action is to have a health check, then if the computer is still slow we would advise installing a high speed SSD drive.  This is an electronic drive with no moving parts and is therefore fast.  To remain fast any hard drive should have one third of its space free.  If the drive fill up more than this then the working life of the drive and disk failure can be a result of being to full.  By fitting an SSD drive the speed of the computer can increase by up to 60% faster.
When we fit SSD drive to computers we clone the drives on a disk copying machine.  This means all the data and files are copied exactly the same as they came off the old drive, together with temporary files, wrongly stored files, old applications and old updates.  It is important to have the drive cleaned before copying to eliminate the old defects on the original hard disk.