It service Contacts - Support Plans

Support Options

We offer two types of support to suit our clients’ needs – Pay As You Go support (PAYG) and Support Plans.

Pay As You Go

PAYG support is ideal for domestic users and micro-businesses with only one or two computers, who do not rely on shared files or have a dependence on their IT systems.  We can respond to incidents as they arise, either on site or via remote support if you have a working internet connection.

PAYG support will be charged at our current rate of £50.00 per hour + VAT, and covers all the items we usually support – desktop, laptop, printer and server repairs/fixes and installations, website amendments, backup checks and more.

Support Plan

IT support plans are the perfect option for small to medium sized businesses, who want to be running their business rather than managing their IT.  If you have two or more PCs, need to share files between computers or locations, or rely on your IT systems to keep your business going, then an IT support plan will give you peace of mind.

You can often avoid emergency repairs with a bit of forward planning – preventative maintenance reduces the time you would spend without your PCs, meaning you can focus on doing what you do best.  You can also let us worry about when you should replace or upgrade your systems, and how the latest technology may benefit your business.

The benefits of an IT support plan include:

    • Priority service above non-contract clients
    • Forward planning for updates and new business requirements
    • Recommendations to avoid predictable problems
    • Cost effective compared to paying per incident
    • Discounted rates for any additional support hours needed

Support Plan Costs

If none of the plans below suit your needs, we can create a bespoke plan tailored to your company.





Telephone Support

Remote Support

Site Visits

Backup Checks

Anti-virus Checks (server and PCs)*

Anti-virus and Security Software

Update and Firmware Checks



1 incident/month

30 mins/month


Monthly (server only)

£15.00 + VAT per PC per yr

Monthly (server only)

£50.00 /month + VAT


3 incidents/month

1 Hour/month



£12.00 + VAT per PC per yr


£70.00 /month + VAT


6 incident/month

2 Hours/month



£10.00 + VAT per PC per yr


£120.00 /month + VAT

All contracts include the following:

    • Response Time: maximum 4 hours by telephone, e-mail or remote support, a visit within 1 working day if required
    • Contract entitles priority support over non-contract clients
    • Contract includes existing computer equipment or any replacements provided by GMT Solutions. Additional computers can be added at a pro-rata cost.
    • Remote support uses Internet based connection – the industry standard for secure remote access (ISO 9001, SOC and HIPAA compliant) Discounted rate for staff training
    • Discounted rate on any additional support hours – our current rate has increased from £45.00 to£50.00 per hour plus VAT, but your rate will be £45.00 per hour
    • Subscription to our security incident alerts and advice service**

* Anti-virus checks will be performed remotely, requiring the PC/server to have internet access
** Subscription to our security incidents and advice service will require confirmation, to comply with GDPR.