Protecting Your Website

Yes, you did read that correctly! Normally IT pros are talking about how to protect your computer from some of the nasty or annoying things that can come from websites, but this time I want to tell you how to protect your website.

GMT Solutions: WebsitesPut simply, a website is a collection of files that live on a web server – or a computer that is publicly accessible. This means that they are subject to some of the same vulnerabilities as your own computer, including software flaws that can be taken advantage of by hackers. Unless you’re a bank or a well known online shop, it’s unlikely that your website would be targeted to steal data from it, instead it may be used to send spam or host illegal files – and these can result in legal action, leaving you to prove that you weren’t responsible for the illegal activity.

If your site is on a hosted web server, then your hosting company should proactively apply operating system patches and security updates. What they won’t do however, is apply software updates – if you use WordPress, Joomla or another content management system, you will need to update these yourself. WordPress released a critical patch at the end of April and another only this week – these will fix “holes” in their system that could be used to compromise your website.

Other things you can do to protect your website range from the simple – ensuring you change all default user names and passwords – to the more complicated. These include making sure users cannot upload files, type script into any webforms, and ensuring your SSL certificates are up to date.

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