IT Services

stock-photo-13929655-repairIT Services

GMT Solutions are able to offer the following services:

  • Computer repairs and upgrades
  • Server and network support
  • Desktop support – PCs and laptops
  • Mobile device support – tablets and phones
  • Hardware, software and peripheral supply
  • Virus and malware solutions
  • Backup management
  • IT healthchecks
  • Remote support
  • IT strategy planning

Pay Monthly Support Service

For clients that wish to outsource their IT maintenance, GMT Solutions provide a full maintenance and support service.  Please contact us for further details and a quote tailored to your requirements.

Pay-as-you-go Flexible Service

If you only have occasional need of technical support, our pay-as-you-go service is ideal.  On site support starts from £45 +VAT per hour, and remote support starts from £15 + VAT per half hour session.

A time and location that suits you

Our IT services aim to complement your business, not disrupt it, so we offer on site and remote support that works around you.

On Site Support

For hardware issues or more complex problems, our technicians will visit your site to diagnose the problem – some repairs will require us to remove your PC to our workshop, or to make a return visit once replacement parts or hardware are obtained.  We are covered to work at your premises under our professional liability insurance, for your peace of mind.

Remote support

If you are outside our geographical area, have a problem you need attending to more immediately, or alternatively have a small issue you think can be solved quickly, then remote support might be the best option.  Please visit our Remote Support page for more details.