How to Stop Windows Asking for a Proxy Server

Most home and small businesses do not use a proxy server to access the internet, so if your computer keeps asking for one, here’s how to disable it.

Open the Control Panel

In Windows 10, you may need to go to Cortana on the task bar and type in Control Panel, or press W + R and type Control Panel

Click on Internet Options

GMT Solutions Windows Control Panel


When the new window opens, click on the Connections tab

GMT Solutions Windows Internet Options


Then click on the LAN Settings button

GMT Solutions Windows Internet Options LAN Settings

Make sure the box that says Use a proxy server for your LAN is not ticked.

It’s ok to leave Automatically detect settings ticked at the top of the window, but you may want to check that Use automatic configuration script is not ticked.

GMT Solutions Windows Internet Options LAN Settings Proxy Server

Press OK to close this window, and OK to close the Internet Options window.

Restart your internet browser and check whether you can access the internet.