Have you updated your seasonal hours?

GMT Solutions Seasonal HoursIt’s nearly Christmas – presents are wrapped (or waiting to be wrapped in my house!), you’re trying to finish the last few jobs before you finish work and desperately trying to remember that thing you didn’t write on the shopping list.  But what about the customers that might try to find you over the festive period?

If you have a Google Business page, you can update your seasonal hours so that they appear in searches like this:

(If you don’t have a Google Business page, I suggest you get one – it pops up a lovely custom box like this when people search for your business, giving them additional information without having to click through to your website.  How to set up a Google Business page will be the subject of my next post!)

How to update your seasonal hours

To update your hours for the holidays, visit:


This may ask you to sign into Google if you are not already signed in, and you may need to click on your relevant location.  We have two locations, so I’m going to update our Newent one first.  Scroll down to Locations and click Manage Location on the one you want to update:

GMT Solutions: Google My Business Locations

You will then be taken to the Google My Business page for that location – click on the Info tab at the top

GMT Solutions: Google My Business

The next page will show you a summary of your business information – this is a good time to check it’s up to date and edit if necessary.  If you scroll down, under your usual opening hours you will see a link that says “add special hours” – click on the pencil next to this to edit these – this is where you add your seasonal opening hours.

GMT Solutions: Google My Business Seasonal Hours

A small window will then pop up, it’s then a straightforward process of clicking on the blue “Add new date” link to add new dates, and then on the “Select date” field to select the dates you want to update.

GMT Solutions: Google My Business Special Hours

Once you’ve added all your dates, click Apply at the bottom.  I’m closing the shop between Christmas and New Year, so I’ve added all of these and selected closed.  You can also put in alternative opening hours, as in this example:

GMT Solutions: Google My Business Special Hours Populated

Once you’ve saved your changes, you should see them updated in your profile, under your normal opening hours:

GMT Solutions: Google My Business Updated Hours

That’s it, you’re done!  This can be repeated for every location you have – we have two branches, so after I did the Newent one, I then updated for our Buckinghamshire branch as well.  Your new seasonal hours will now show in a Google Search for your business and let customers know when they can get hold of you over the holiday season.  It would be worth reviewing your special hours every couple of months, so you can add in availability on Bank Holidays or let customers know that you’ll be closed if you’re going on holiday.

If you’ve got any questions, please drop us a line – I hope you all manage to take some time off over Christmas and come back feeling refreshed in the New Year!