GDPR Stress? Solve it with our Plain English Guide

If you're a business, the new GDPR law will apply to you from 25th May.  If that sounds scary, or you've got no idea where to start, to make your business compliant, we have the answer.

The GMT Solutions Guide to GDPR is available for only £40 including VAT, or FREE to our contract clients.  It's a plain English guide, with easy to understand explanations, examples and a practical, step-by-step process to get you compliant. 

The document includes:

  • Who the GDPR applies to

  • What data is covered

  • A six step process to help you plan, document and implement changes to ensure compliance

  • Appendices with details on how to secure information, what to do on your website, and which online providers are compliant

  • Any major updates issued by the ICO for 6 months

Feedback on our Guide

Fantastic guide - the steps to take are nice and simple, clearly laid out for a sole trader like me. I know what to do now - thanks for removing the headache and 'fear'.

An excellent simplified version of what GDPR is and how to get yourself compliant. The use of examples is spot on for me - as it helps me to relate it to my own biz.

Your Guide to GDPR is an excellent piece of information in an understandable manner. It’s certainly answered my questions.

The guide is suitable for:
  • Sole traders and "micro" businesses
  • Small to medium sized businesses
  • Small to medium sized charities and not-for-profit organisations

Buy now for £40.00

Disclaimer: We have undergone hours of General Data Protection Regulation training, and studied the text of the legal document itself.  However, this is a guide to the GDPR, and we are not responsible for how, or whether, you choose to implement the guidance in this document.