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International Womens Day 2018

Happy International Women’s Day 2018!!  If you’re not sure what this is or why we need it, you can have a little read about it here. As a small, family business, I’m grateful that my business partner (also my father) Graham, fully supports female equality. There was a memorable incident […]

Happy International Womens Day

Apple e-mail scam

We’ve unfortunately had a few customers this week that have fallen for some very convincing scams, so we’re posting some examples on our blog to show you how to tell the fake from the genuine.   click to enlarge the image above This e-mail claims to be from Apple, but there’s […]

GMT Solutions: System Recovery

A-Z of Computing: E is for Encryption

This month’s topic will probably be of more interest to business IT users and those for whom data security is a concern. Encryption is the best way to keep your information safe from unauthorised users. It’s a hugely complicated topic so what I cover below is really just skimming the surface. In […]

GMT Solutions: E is for Encryption

A-Z of Computing – D is for Disaster!

D is actually for disaster recovery, but that doesn’t make such an attention grabbing headline! A few years ago I’d have said disaster recovery was only important for businesses – but with so much school and university work being completed electronically, it’s become essential for home users too. What counts as a […]

GMT Solutions: D is for Disaster Recovery

GMT Solutions: C is for Cleaning

A-Z of Computing – C is for Cleaning

Just like everything else in your office or home, your computer needs cleaning – both inside and out. This will help to prolong its life and keep it running smoothly. You wouldn’t believe the state of some computers I’ve seen! I don’t recommend that you open up your PC or laptop to physically […]