Can I improve my internet speed?

When I moved to Newent, I looked into the availability of high speed fibre optic broadband. A year later, we’re still waiting for it – so what can you do in the mean time to boost your internet speeds?

1. Use your mobile
This might have seemed like silly advice a few years ago, but with money being poured into improving mobile data networks, sometimes your smart phone can offer a higher speed than your home/work internet connection. If you’re able to get a 4G connection, even better! Most modern smartphones will let you create a personal Wi-Fi hotspot to connect to but there are a couple of things to remember. Firstly, to put a password on it – you don’t want every passer by to connect! And secondly, check your mobile data plan – many have unlimited use, but if you were planning on streaming Game of Thrones and you have a data limit, you might want to think again.

GMT Solutions: Internet Speed2. Move the router
It’s not just thick stone walls that can be a problem, but wire mesh used in some plasterwork and even mirrors can affect how good a wireless signal you can get from your router. Other wireless devices can also interfere with signals, including baby monitors, cordless landline phones and older Bluetooth devices. Try relocating to a part of the house with as little as possible between the router and the computer, it can make a surprising difference.

3. Use a wire
With wireless connections to everything, this may be a technological step backwards, but it can really improve your speeds. It does mean being within a cable’s length of the router, but with a data transfers of 1GB per second on a standard network cable, it beats even the newest Wi-Fi standards when it comes to speed. If you have the equipment, cat6 cables can offer you up to 10GB per second – but expect to pay a bit more for the cables!

These are all non-technical changes that you can make, but if you’re confident enough to log into the settings of your router, you can try changing the radio channel to a less congested one, which is the same effect as driving on a less congested road – it’s easier to get through. As a last resort, you could try kicking the rest of the family off the network, but I can’t guarantee the results of that one!

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