To back up or not to back up?

Do I really need to back up the files on my home computer?

The best way to answer this is to ask yourself – would you miss them if they disappeared?  If your computer was to stop working and you would miss the files, then they need backing up. If I had a pound for every time I’ve been asked if I could recover files from a failed computer, where there was no backup, I’d be a rich lady! There is lots of backup software available that will take automatic backups for you, but it can be as simple as copying your files and folders to a USB stick or external hard drive. If you want to keep your files in a separate physical location to your computer, there are services such as Dropbox which offer 2GB of storage for free. How often you should back up depends on the files you’d miss. Do you have new files every month? Then a once a month backup would be appropriate. If you create new files every week that are important, then take a backup once a week.

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