5 Tricks to Super-Charge Your Chrome Browser

The Google Chrome browser seems to be everywhere – I’ve got it on my laptop, PC, tablet and phone.  It remembers history, bookmarks etc across all your signed in devices – handy when you were looking at something on your work PC, but just can’t remember the website when you get home.  And surprisingly, considering how many features it has, it’s free.  But are you using it to the best of its ability?  Here are some tricks to super-charge your browser.

1. Create secure passwords
Type the following into your browser address bar, and click Enable from the drop-down menu under the highlighted item.  Chrome will then suggest secure passwords for you when it detects a page asking you to create a password.

2. Check your spelling
Add the Grammarly browser extension to prevent any speling mistakes or typos on the internet. Great for ensuring all your communications look professional, without having to paste them into Word for a spell-check!

3. Shhhh!
Silence those annoying audio adverts by enabling “tab audio muting”.  Paste this into your address bar and click Enable (requires a restart of Chrome)

4. Save data on your mobile
Enable the Data Saver to save those precious MBs of data for something good.  If you’re on an iPhone, go to Settings > Bandwidth > turn Data Saver on.  If you’ve got an Android, it’s Settings > under Advanced tap Reduce data usage

5. Make it pretty
Add some scenery to your browser with the Unsplash browser extension.  It transforms your boring plain new tabs with beautiful high resolution photos, that are free to use in your projects.

Unsplash stock photo

Have you got a favourite browser hack or extension?